Stress? What Stress?

I have been overstressed for the past week. Too many projects divided my focus and kept me from accomplishing things I really ought to be doing.

Twitter has also been a partial cause of my attention’s division. I wouldn’t say I go there too much, but I am beginning to truly feel involved on that site.

After all my procrastination and distraction I have good news. Thanks to a conversation with my oldest friend the other day, I worked out a business plan for the year. It looks very doable and includes a few goals I wasn’t able to appreciate before. This reorganization has reduced my stress levels quite a bit as of this morning.

And there’s more.

I will have Tenlyres Chapter 5 launched tomorrow. My excitement is building for that story, even more than before now that I’ve cut the distractions a bit. I’m happy to keep it up for the release of the ebook in late April. This will not slow down the release of the next Maker Mythos book, by the way.

Thanks for reading.


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