A Matter of Time

I confess, I am always trying to increase the amount of time I stay focused on writing every work day. My typing speed used to be the main limiting factor on how quickly I can produce story, but over the past couple years, I think my ability to compose ideas at my best has slowed.

This is probably a sign that I’m still adapting to improvements in the quality of my storytelling. I write better fiction than I once did, but it will take longer until I get used to the newer techniques.

And by then, hopefully, I will have new advancements in understanding and style to adapt. The more a writer practices consciously, the more that writer learns. I have been increasingly conscious of my style over the past year, but gradually I am becoming accustomed to the changes, especially those about characters and editing.

Lately, editing has been a big part of this process. I have edited a chapter each week for Tenlyres, and I am happy to say I am about to turn my focus in that direction today. This post might be about my rate of writing, but it does not mean I won’t get my work done when I said I would.

I hope those of who are reading Tenlyres are enjoying it. I’ve noticed that my website over at mentalcellarpublications.com has gotten quite a few hits later, and I’m still trying to figure out a way to determine how many of those are reading the story. I’m excited to keep it moving, and to release the first ebook this May.

I hope you’re all doing well.

Thanks for reading.


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