Words On the Shelf

Today’s post is gonna be fairly intensive about writing. At least, it should be short.

I have a portion of my book board over at the Kanban Flow site called the shelf.

The shelf contains a lot of items. Almost all of them are books I have not quite finished in rough draft.

There are far too many like that. And yet, I am pretty slow for a commercial writer lately. Partially, I think this is a symptom of my ADHD (Which I have dealt with for my entire adult life, having been diagnosed as a young teen). I also had a bad habit of quitting a story once the going got tough in the past.

I’m picking up the pace today. In part, this is because my ADHD medication is taking some time for insurance to process this time around. I will probably have meds to help me focus tomorrow. Probably.

Today, I am going to pull out all the stops. I’m gonna go as hard as I can on productivity and hope everything works out for tomorrow. In a way, this is gonna be like living as if it’s my last day. I want to see what happens next, not only in my main works in progress but in a couple of stories that I’ve had shelved for a while.

I will be off twitter and facebook for today, most likely. Look for me online tomorrow, especially if I can’t get my hands on the ADHD medication by then.

Wish me luck. I need it in both creative and pharmaceutical endeavors.

Thanks for reading.


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