An Esoteric System

I like the old occult coding of ideas. I recall a fellow student, when I was a senior in college, presented a paper on the evidence that Alchemy was not really about transmuting common metal into gold, but rather about changing one’s own personage into a better person. The transmutation of metal existed as a metaphor.

I’ve worked on a few esoteric systems for books of fantasy. Systems of elements that do not correspond to ancient Greek philosophy for example. I do this because I enjoy mythology, but today I’ve been working on setting up a system to increase my writing productivity during rough drafts.

Four directions there are for this system.

In the East is the Right Attitude or approach.

In the North is the Right Knowledge of the given story.

In the West is the Right Distraction to keep from overfocusing on the story.

In the South is the Right Time commitment to the project.

And in each direction, there are three roads that must be made to meet for optimal directions.

To the East: Emotions
The Eastern Roads are emotional senses. Sense of challenge, Sense of Excitement. And Sense of Relaxation or Ease.

To the North: Thoughts
The Northern Roads are aspects of thinking. Confidence in tone. Willingness to change or improvise. And readiness of a plan or outline.

To the West: Music
The Western Roads are levels and forms of musical distraction to use while at work. Music with appropriate tone for the backdrop. Lyrics that cannot be understood or that fade into the background. And a compelling theme that corresponds to the story.

To the South: Time
The Southern Roads are aspects of time commitment. Do not require a minimum. Do not cut off at a maximum. Do not waste time on rituals.

So these are the four directions, that lead inward to the center. The citadel of story and creation, where work and joy become prose. This is a system I think suits me though there is no need for the esotericism, I like that aspect because it makes the system more fun to think about, just for me personally.

Hope I didn’t lose you with the weirdness of this post.

Thanks for reading.

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