About Last Week…

I know I missed one of my usual posts last week.

I admit, I was pretty down about this poor cat I live with that is currently in her last days. She was the first cat in my life, but time takes its toll on all things.

I barely managed to get that last chapter of Tenlyres out on time.

Then, I went to the wedding of two friends from college over the weekend.

None of that matters at the moment.

I’m back. I have words to write. The work of the moment is the art of a lifetime. I have to use the moments I have to produce the art I want.

I can understand the writers who do not like their own fiction. That isn’t me, though. I like the stories of mine that work, and not just as a writer. I like the stories I’m telling. So it’s time to tell more of them.

Some people, in fact, most people who hear my numbers and are not themselves writers, seem to think I’m prolific. This next sentence is for them. “You have not seen anything yet.”

I am excited to get back to the page. I am happy to be back at home. I am joyful as I consider how many more stories I can tell with the binge speed I have recently achieved in words per hour.

Time to get to it.

Thanks for reading.


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