Marching Onward

Last week I posted a list of exercises and games for writing more. Today I start using those as rough marching orders.

This post is not gonna be long, but I have to add that I’ve been a bit slower as a writer than I would like over the past few months. Here is an update on my projects.

Tenlyres is coming along. I will have the collection of part one published sometime in early April. That will compile the first 16 chapters of the story, and maybe a little something extra like a short story in the same world. After chapter 16 goes live on this blog and my website expect a break of two weeks before the start of part two in serialization. There will be three parts, by the way. I’m very happy with how this is going.

The Maker Mythos has been the main victim of Tenlyres’ success. I have not been working on it nearly as much as I wanted. In any case, the second volume should be out in late May or early June. We will see.

Both the Tenlyres collection and next Maker Mythos book will be out in paperback. That makes me quite happy because the first Maker Mythos book looks even better in softcover than in ebook if I do say so myself.

Had a good Easter. Things are starting to look up again. Perhaps a bit of sadness helps me appreciate how good life is for me in general.

Thanks for reading.


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