Early Musings on Youtube and Podcasts

Lately, I have become more interested in community and reaching out to people.

I also can’t help but notice how good youtube is for building community. I’ve had ideas for podcasts in the past. I really enjoy these shows as a viewer or listener. Perhaps it is time to make a youtube show or podcast

This will not reduce the amount of time I spend on this blog, but I will probably share anything I do on this site and my website.

Honestly, I am leaning toward fiction, fictional lore, or possibly a philosophically based show. The primary limitation I’m working under is the lack of personnel. Right now, I am the only person I know who can work on this show, so more conversationally-based shows are out for the moment.


I’ll have another chapter out in Tenlyres this Friday. There will be a two-week break after Chapter 16, and I will be releasing the first volume’s ebook at about that time. That one will be for 2.99.

Thanks for reading.


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