What’s Out and Loud

I took last week off of blogging, kinda without planning things that way.

I kept meaning to write a post, but I also kept forgetting and putting off the work.

Now that all sixteen chapters of “Tenlyres I: Ilsa and Blue” is out on this blog and the website, the ebook is published on Amazon, B&N, and Kobo (As well as others like Tolino for international markets) I think I am taking two weeks out of publishing chapters. So, on May 20th, 2016 “Tenlyres II: The Gray Lector” launches on this blog, my site, and fictionpress.org. I plan to release more stuff over the summer than Tenlyres, however.

Writing on the sequel to “Hunter and Seed”, called “Spurring the Beast” is in the works, but the going is slow. It will also be a longer book than “Hunter and Seed” in all likelihood. I have three other novels I may release at some point this year. These are all longer books that need a bit of editing before I put them out, but I would like to release at least one of them this summer.

Also, I’m looking into ACX for audiobooks for “Hunter and Seed” and “Tenlyres I” at the moment. I think that audio would be a cool addition to my catalog of releases.

Speaking of which, I am going to be starting a podcast soon. This one I hope to last a lot longer than the previous attempt I made. It will definitely be available on Youtube and my website, and I think this one will be a lore podcast for my fictional worlds, starting with the world featured in Tenlyres.

That will release later this week, though usually on Thursday or Friday most weeks, but not this week. This week my older brother has his graduation ceremony for his Ph.D. over in Colorado, and I am going down there on Thursday and Friday. I’ve never been to Colorado before, so this should be a fun weekend trip.

What else is there to add, really? Have a good day, and a good week.

Thanks for reading.


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