Word Binge, Success?

I have been writing fairly well this week. Tuesday and Wednesday I did a lot of good words and loved the story as I went. Thursday (Yesterday) I felt the fatigue of the sleep I had been sacrificing all week, and I just felt like talking. Thank goodness, I was able to connect with two other wonderful writer people to chat and rejuvenate.

However, I did not write any serious words yesterday. I wish I could have found the energy, but at least I got more sleep last night. That brings us to the present.

I have not been writing 11,000 words a day, though my numbers have been pretty good, but I’m going to try again today.

In Rachel Aaron’s book, “2k to 10k”, which I have read many times, she discusses three elements she used for herself to write 10,000 words each day. Her three are, if I recall, Knowledge, Enthusiasm, and Time. Her book is great. I highly recommend it. However, like most writing advice it must be modified for each writer to allow for personal style.

I developed a few twists on Aaron’s format yesterday.

Knowledge for me does not mean an outline that restricts, which I think is similar to Aaron’s way of things. However, I have decided that the micro-outlining she recommends is not for me. Rather, I like to have several possibilities for the outcome of the major scenes, kind of like Steven King’s advice about writing from a situation, discussed in “On Writing.”

I’ve often called what Rachel Aaron refers to as ‘Enthusiasm’ something like ‘Joy.’ If I love a scene, a character, and the world everything works better. This one is pretty much the same as what she describes, I think.

The last one is Time. My greatest weakness right now is the amount of time I work. I managed over 7000 words in about 4 hours this week. But that’s all the time I’ve spent in the last three days. As a teen was diagnosed and I still have ADHD. I also tend to get antsy and worried when I something I know will occur later in the day, whether good or bad, gets closer.

My mission today is to spend more time writing. I have my hopes that I’ll get better as I keep going. I definitely need to get at least some social time in each day, and if I lose too much sleep I will feel it eventually. Everything seems to fit for today. So here I go.

Thanks for reading.


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