An Experiment in Alternation

So, last week I tried some binge-writing. It worked for about two days, and I enjoyed those days. However, after that, I lost a lot of the necessary excitement to continue. At the risk of not giving the steady-binge a long enough try, I have a new idea this week.

This week’s experiment…


So, if I can binge for two days on a project before I start getting distracted, the new plan will be to work for no more than two days on a single book consecutively, unless of course the story really takes me for a ride.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my youth, and I definitely still suffer from those symptoms to a degree.

Perhaps this organized flipping between stories will allow me to succeed where I have been failing in the area of consistency.

For this experiment, I will be working on my main story 2-3 days of the week, and working on 3-4 other stories during the week. For novelty, I think these stories should gradually transition from one level of tone and conflict toward another.

So here are the stories I will be working on for the next three weeks for this experiment.
Monday: The Mangrove Suite – Near Future set on earth featuring alien blood that makes people psychic.
Tuesday, and Wednesday: Spurring the Beast – Book Two of the Maker Mythos, an Urban Fantasy series
Thursday and Friday: Tenlyres II: The Gray Lector – Part 2 of my ongoing guns and fantasy series, Tenlyres.
Saturday: Temple Theater – A fantasy with a lot of violence, corrupt deities, and mechanical steam-powered giants.
Sunday: A day off? I’m gonna leave this as a wild day each week, and day to cleanse my palate and then transition back toward the Mangrove Suite. If I work on this day possible books include ‘Devoured’ (A secondary world urban fantasy with a violent antihero for a protagonist), and ‘Haunted Symphony’ (A far-future space opera featuring reincarnated super soldiers, and mecha that are possessed by spirits from beyond), and Arsenal (A secondary world urban fantasy with apocalyptic stakes).

So, I have a big load of different stories, but all of them kick around my head fairly regularly.

Yes, you can see from my list of stories that I love the weird and the fantastic. Yes, I will never apologize for that.

I will also be releasing the next episode of Lore of the Worlds as a podcast later this week. So far, I’m quite pleased that I even released episode one, and there is nowhere to go but up from here.

According to my schedule, I have psychics powered by alien blood to write about. And I’m excited.

Thanks for reading.


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