Meant to post yesterday, but kept falling asleep at the keyboard. I must have been really exhausted, possibly because of a big, long walk I took on Sunday. I realized two things yesterday.

1. I am pretty out of shape, even for me.

2. I need to have a regular sleep schedule or I won’t be able to predict the way each day goes in any way.

The ability to predict how each day goes is important to me because if I lack that I can’t gauge how much work I can get done. To solve this issue, I’ve decided to go back to waking up with an alarm. A generously timed alarm, but an alarm nonetheless.

As for being out of shape, I am definitely working on that.

Anyway, that’s my complaint against fatigue.

Progress continues on my next release. I should have it ready for beta readers soon, and already have two of them lined up. Even so, if you read this blog and want a shot at this young adult cyberpunk novel early, I want a pretty rapid turn-around (I’m aiming for ~2 weeks, as the book isn’t too long), leave a comment and I can get in touch. I want to publish this one in mid-July.

That’s about it for now.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.


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