A Bright Abyss (Dream Journal #2)


Yesterday I missed blogging because it was Independence Day here in the USA. However, that did not stop the dreams.

They were more jumbled than the one I reported in my first dream journal for this blog.

What I remember the most was the altitude. I wasn’t flying. I was hanging from a brightly lit scaffold a good hundred or more feet up the side of a cliff face. I was setting very finely detailed miniatures on a narrow plate along the cliff side, as were countless other people.

I was afraid of the heights, but unusually for me, I was confident my hands would not slip and send the little models I was setting on the side of the cliff tumbling down.

After that, the dream sort of morphed into a vision of one of my favorite created science fiction settings, the pillar universe. I don’t really want to go into a description of this… rather complex physical setting, in this post. I think I was falling. Falling into a misty, airy void, lit by circling and burning orbs both above and below.

After that, I woke up. I had an urge to work on my pillar universe story.

So, I’m reporting this late and double the thanks for reading.


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