A Bloody Film (Dream Journal #3)


Have you ever had a dream that told the story of a seriously dark and bloody suspense thriller where pretty much everyone died… And every character looked like someone you know, mostly your relatives? Today, I can say, yes. I have.

It started out with a simple premise if I can recall. A typical family from the USA moves to the middle of a city in some war-torn country to live as part of a reality television program or something. So there are armed guards and tv production crew running around this set.

What ensued was far from the offensive cheesy comedy Hollywood probably would have made with this kind of set-up.

I witnessed scenes of bloodshed as the guards and crew tried to keep the show going around the family as disasters continued to occur. I feel as though I watched countless people get shot and lots more killed in other ways. Frankly, this dream really messed me up this morning. I feel like it went on all night, just a procession of domestic and violent horrors.

The last scene before I woke up ten minutes before my alarm was one of the older daughter in the family realizing her little sister was an impostor who wanted to kill her. Lucky me, I woke up before the dream went full on paranoid.

But it was a mess, regardless.

This summary brought to you by a motorcycle chase where a TV producer escapes from armed militants intent on dismembering him. Lucky him.

This dream was also brought to you by… Watching the news and youtube talking heads.

The day can’t help but get better from here.

Thanks for reading.


One thought on “A Bloody Film (Dream Journal #3)

  1. Hello Tim Niederriter,

    Thank you for sharing this dream even though it left a negative impression on you, it is interesting how our minds can take various things from our day and twist it in creative ways like this, even if they are negative.

    -John Jr

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