Nowhere to Hide (Dream Journal #4)


One of the dreams I had last night felt surprisingly not as upsetting as the content clearly suggests.

I was some kind of creature, like a giant insect or something. I was burrowing deeper and deeper into a rocky outcrop as lethal beams of energy carved away at the top of the formation. I knew I couldn’t go below the level of the ordinary ground for some reason. So I hid and in the stony tunnels and hoped whoever was shooting would stop their bombardment before the beams reached me.

I listened to thundering blasts and collapses. The rocks shook and dislodged dust. I went as low as I could go.

It wasn’t enough. Eventually, the beams stripped off the outer layer of stone. Then I was hit and everything went white.

I remember thinking. “So this is dying.”

And then I woke up, surprisingly calm, with thunder rumbling in the sky of the real world.

Most of the time when I die horribly in a dream it upsets me more. This time, I didn’t feel scared about it. Maybe I’m learning.

Short post. I have had a tough time mustering myself up to write for this blog this week.

Thanks for reading.


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