Another Dichotomy – Analysis vs Play

I like to play. I’ve claimed at times, that I am a fun-based individual. That may sound a little shocking to some of you who have met me (Or maybe it’ll be more “Duh”), but I like to goof off.

I also like to analyze certain sorts of things, such as humor and productivity. Wordcounts per hour has become a special vice of mine in the past year.

Today, I realized I don’t find blitzing on data gathering to be as much fun as I once did.

With that in mind, I plan to stop monitoring my words so strictly. This flies in the face of a number of books I’ve read about being a productive writer. Detailed counting and analysis just does not work for me most of the time. That said, I still like big numbers. I just think the looser approach (No spreadsheets!) will be helpful for me.

I’ve been buzzing all day with the thrill of working free-form. I hope you readers are all well too.

And thanks for reading.


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