The Return

After a week of family time in which I was able to hang out with my twin brother in person for the first time since January, I have returned to the internet.

I have camped. I have watched Stranger Things (AMAZING). I have seen my first live UFC (Which is possibly too crazy for me emotionally to repeat often). I have not been writing a whole lot, but I have relaxed and recovered some enthusiasm for my projects. The work for the moment is Tenlyres. And I am looking forward to sharing the rest of that story with all of you who are reading it.

I’ll have more to say soon. Of Mooks & Monsters is coming back tomorrow with episode 10, so be on the lookout for that.

Anyway, I’m here and I’m preparing a lot of great things for the near future.

August is nearing its end. I became a writer in August over twelve years ago, and I almost forgot that this month marks the anniversary of my dedication to this vocation. At first, I did not realize what I was getting into. How difficult can it be to write a good book? Turns out, pretty damn difficult.

I think I’ve crossed that threshold at least a few times now. And I’m happy to report that a few people out there appear to agree.

As always, thanks for reading.


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