Shout Out


Please find enclosed a letter to a friend I’ve found myself missing lately.

Sir. Greatest of nerds.

You may remember I met you while trying to meet someone else. And with the other, I barely know why I bothered.

You sat down, so casually loud, abrasive, and gross talking to the girl at the table suddenly seemed like it had been easy.

I never would have guessed that you, like some heavyweight Loki to my overwrought Odin would prove a most intriguing friend. But unlike Loki, who’s friendship with the ruler of the gods would prove part and parcel of his undoing, I think I only benefited from knowing you.

My friend, however much I sometimes wished your volume was under my control, you always seemed to understand me as a parent understands a child, and that includes the part where I never appreciated it at the time.

If I’m a basket case, now I can only imagine how crazy I was then.

And yet when I tried to be mean or cruel, you told me something like “That doesn’t work for you.”

So, I’m grateful, king of nerds, for those bits of self-knowledge that broke the surface of the madness that is thine ocean.

Yeah, I’m a bit uncomfortable writing this, knowing it won’t go unseen.
I’m sitting here in the cafeteria where I first met you. And I wonder how you’ve been.

Thanks for reading.


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