Gray Skies and Withering Gardens


It’s almost Halloween. October has brought a lot less light than I would have hoped, both figuratively, and literally.

Yes, the skies over the town where I live have been cloudy and combined with increasing cold, this has led to plants dying in the gardens around the house.

And that kind of describes how I’ve felt since mid-September. I’m still fighting with my depression. Writing has been slow, and I’ve missed or delayed blogging a few times. Generally, I still feel pretty down, but things are slowly getting better in that regard.

I’ve worked a bit on continuing the story of Tenlyres, but likely this will not return to serialization, though part one of the story will be free for the foreseeable future (On Amazon, B&N, and most other ebook outlets). You can find that HERE.

My problems come mostly from within. I guess that’s what makes the writing so difficult. I have to brave the nastier parts of my own mentality to get to the word-mines. Too bad I’m becoming afraid of that. And, if I don’t go through the dark forest to get to the mine, I can’t get the most valuable words.

If I think about it that way, what I really need is a lantern, because I know there aren’t wolves in the forest. I’m only jumping at shadows.

What will serve as my lantern?

I have some ideas.

Positive self-talk could be the spark, but it’s tough to say because I don’t have a lot of sizeable successes to inspire me further.

On the other hand, well… I don’t have a lot of hope if I talk myself out of any of the good stuff I’ve managed with writing. The truth is, I like a lot of my own work. The issue is I have not really finished a lot of work that makes me feel absolutely proud.

Time to take some time on working more to make the next release better. Let’s say, I have done one story that is partially self-contained that I do quite like. I mentioned it earlier. Tenlyeres I: Ilsa and Blue, is possibly the best thing I have released so far.

Too bad it has no reviews yet. Or maybe that’s a blessing.

It’s good to be back.

Thanks for reading.


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