Happy Hallowing


Today is Halloween, and while I have no plans for this holiday, I enjoy the season.

Today’s post is not really about Halloween. This morning, I had a few memories surface (Who knows why) of various people I have been an asshole toward at various times in the past, both distant and recent.

So, I’m thinking I’m going to start a kind of parallel holiday with Halloween.

Halloween in these parts means kids dress up as scary things and go around asking for candy, as it does most places it is celebrated. This new tradition, let’s call it Hallowing to make it easy to remember, is one about dressing up in your best emotional state (For me that’s pretty easy in the morning), and then apologizing to someone you have been a jerk to for some specific way you have wronged them. Then, thank them for something cool about how they are.

Here’s to emotional vulnerability, am I right?

Let’s give it a try in digital.

His esteemed Business will know who he is when he sees that. Well, your Business, you have been on my mind lately. See, like many of the people I got annoyed with back in the day I released my temper on you more often than I should. I’ve often been opinionated and thought mine was the only right way, but let’s get specific. That time you ran the Dresden Files RPG and I left angry, following a rant at you… I was absolutely wrong to go off like that. And thanks for being a reliable friend, but more specifically, thanks for that time at the liquor store you told me I should drink whatever I liked, because I was worried I’d look silly with something sweet.

Yeah, that was cool.

Happy Hallowing, your Business!

And happy Hallowing to everyone else. If you go out and participate in this new side of the Holiday of October 31st, let me know in the comments on this post.

All you writers, here’s to NaNoWriMo Eve.

As always, and just in general, thanks for reading.


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