Accountability for April 2017

Hey everyone. I plan to do weekly posts to keep me accountable for the work I’m doing.

This is the first of those, but I also want to look back at the year so far.

January and February I managed to write about 40,000 words and also edit Tenlyres into the complete version. I’m proud of Tenlyres, but I’m not proud of my slow word count.

In March I managed to start kicking it up a notch. I did almost 40,000 words in March, and that includes FINALLY finishing a draft of the sequel to Hunter and Seed, which now needs editing and beta comments before I release it.

April has been an up and down month for me, writing-wise. Big start, slow middle, decent finish. As of today, I have about the same number of words as March. So I’ve written just over 110,000 words so far this year. That may look or sound like a lot. I think its not enough for a third of a year.

So, here’s to a big push in May and June. I plan to increase the time I spend on writing again, moving to four hours on most days in May, then six hours in June.

Also, I am experimenting with writing sprints to increase my word count per minute for extended periods of time.

I have plans. Now its time to execute them.

Oh, and I want to get back here at least once a week for the near future. Thanks for reading.

Finally, happy post 800 to this blog!ac


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