Accountability May 7th 2017

May 7th Accountability Post
So, this past week has been rough for writing.

I have written hardly any words of fiction from Monday to Friday, and only a few thousand after that point.

However, I think I’m getting there. I realized something about my difficulties in writing today.

I found it easier to write when I knew fewer people. Meeting all the people I became friends with in college and afterward has been healthy both for me as a person and for my storytelling. That said, engaging with all these people has never been easy for me. So, I guess it is no surprise where I had spent time thinking about my characters before I had a lot of friends, I started thinking more and more about other people who exist.

I think I can remedy these problems with some designated thinking-time. A few minutes here and there could get me involved in the stories in a way I have been missing for some time.

Hopefully, a break-through will be had.

Thanks for reading.