News and Podcasts I’m Enjoying

Hello, everybody! It’s been too long since I blogged here, so please allow me to thank you for reading up front. I know how annoying it can be when content from providers I enjoy becomes irregular.

What’s up with me lately?

First of all, I’m preparing for the launch of “Soul Art,” the second Maker Mythos novel, currently set for July 11th! I’m excited to finally get this one out the door to the people who have been waiting for it. “Hunter and Seed” is currently my best selling book, and by far the most popular thing I’ve released so far. I won’t take so long to release book 3, hopefully.

Part one of “Hunter and Seed” is currently free for download over at instafreebie, so check that out if you’re interested in the series. Oh, and if you hurry, I have a special freebie of the complete book for those who subscribe to my mailing list before the preorder for “Soul Art” goes live.

While editing, I have been writing little by little on the side. I’ve also been podcasting regularly over at That’s been fun and had me experiencing being busy for the first time in a while.

I still listen to a bunch of nice podcasts, mostly writing related.

J. Daniel Sawyer’s Every Day Novelist is pretty new, and super high-quality questions and answers.

The Dead Robots’ Society has been a quality show for some time, but I think it keeps getting better (And weirder) all the time, especially if you’re into the writerly water-cooler conversation.

Finally, Joanna Penn runs a tight and informative ship over at The Creative Penn Podcast. Really great show. The interviews are good, but the introduction is my favorite part of each episode.

I’m excited to see what July has in store. Keep reading, and I hope to be back more often on Mondays.

And as always, thank you for lending your eyes to my ramblings.

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