Just Stop or 13 Years Writing

Just Stop, or 13 Years as a Writer

As many of you will have read before, I started my writing journey as a complete novice in August of 2004.

That reunion has come around again. I don’t always notice these, but this year I have a song that has been speaking to me about my journey.

And because it’s me, it’s a heavy metal song. This one is by a little band called Disturbed. You may have heard of them.

A few years after I started writing, Disturbed released an album called “Ten Thousand Fists.” This song is the second song on that album.

It’s called “Just Stop,” and for the life of me, I cannot think why I never noticed it before the past few weeks, despite having listened to “Ten Thousand Fists” many times. Cheesy as it sounds, the lyrics in this song really speak to me as a writer who has trouble with his internal critical voice.

Some of you may not be familiar with the kind of split that many say goes on within writers. There is the wild and carefree creative voice and the sternly admonishing critical voice. The lyrics of “Just Stop” are what the creative voice should say to the critical voice during the rough-draft stage. My creative voice has been having trouble doing that over the past several.

I’ll leave you with the chorus, courtesy of Disturbed:



“…Step back a moment, and look at the miracle starting in our life

Don’t stop the moment, and let the incredible happen…”


Now imagine saying that to part of yourself and not another person.

Thanks for reading.


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