March 25th 2018 – 7 Minute Blog

Hey folks, it’s been a while!

What’s been going on with me lately?

I released book two of the Clean series back in February, and the third book is really powering up for release next month. Also, the audiobook for book one is due out soon, as voiced by the talented Daniel McAdam. I am becoming quite happy with this series.

Anyway, this blog post is part of a new series where I write the blog post rough in 7 minutes with a timer ticking away the whole time.

When it stops, I’ll head out. But I’ll be back again soon. Much sooner than last time.

Anyway, the work is still kinda slow. Kinda been low on energy for a while, but I’m looking into potential reasons why. The work is enjoyable, but I’m really excited to get back to the series, with a new book.

Really needed to churn for a while. This series is way more emotional than a lot of my books.

I’ll leave the links below. It’s gonna be a good year for my releases. Gonna spin this fast.

Anyway, low on time. I have this cool Patreon story I’m working on, and you can read the first two chapters over there if you back me for even one dollar a month.

Thanks for reading!

I hope to be back again soon, and I won’t be pimping so much in the process. Bye!


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