April 1st 2018

Happy Easter Fools Day, everyone!

For those who don’t celebrate Easter, please note this year the Christian holiday falls on April first, also called April Fool’s Day.

Not sure how necessary that line was. This is another 7 minutes of rapid blogging. No turning back now.

How can one enjoy a conversation where one is learning something? Not sure how to do it reliably, but I had a great recording session yesterday for Alive After Reading. The episode will air in about a month, given my large backlog, but in it, I experiment with a new-to-me main-topic structure, where the interview gives way to a larger subject in the second half of the show. In this case, the main topic was “Fear of Writing,” a subject I have been struggling with a bunch lately.

The result was good.

I already feel like I have some additional tools to get working more easily and less fearfully.

That conversation was with Canadian Author, Jim Jackson, and I have to say, it was well-timed for me.

In any event, I plan to kick some major writing into gear today, working around Easter events as necessary.

The result of writing fast is almost always more entertainment for me as a writer. I can type faster than I can imagine story most of the time these days, but the work part is always the initial sitting-down to work phase.

I’m happy today. Please wish me luck that this attitude continues to improve.

Sleep has been better over the past week. Writing has been building as I go.

Anyway, forty seconds to go. I’m pretty happy with my typing speed. Never mind that. Thanks for reading.

You can find my books at amazon.com. If you enjoy this blog I’m sure you’ll like The Mangrove Suite. Give it a read if you will.

Bye for now!


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