Seven Minute Check In

Well, what could that be? A 7 Minute blog? You didn’t need to ask.

I feel a little bad about almost going dark, given that last week has been the only one in a couple years I haven’t dropped a podcast episode over at

Between technical issues that wrecked the episode I recorded with the amazing Mur Lafferty and the ongoing Of Mooks and Monsters break, I took a time out from podcasts.

I’m still excited to return to releasing episodes, but writing has to get done sometime, and podcasting requires a lot of mental space, at least by my standards. Writing also takes a lot of thinking power and time, and if I really had to choose one it would be writing. Luckily, that point has not come yet.

Having put that down, I really think I’ll be happier to write more and podcast less stressfully. Anyway, the next Clean book has been punishing as a book I’m trying to write. It’s a difficult project because at first, I didn’t know what I wanted from it. The more little elements from past settings I link to this world, the better I like it. Lately, I often feel as though I’ve been preparing this alternate future-world for most of the past four years.

So many of my ideas connect to this universe and fit in it. I like that, but writing a giant universe takes some getting used to rather than designing discrete worlds with their own rules for separate stories.

Anyway, this is a seven-minute blog. Brief: I am working more off the page than on it lately.

Write again soon.

Thanks for reading.