Writing Blog – It Begins Again

I’m writing in the fourth book of the Pillar Universe series today.

I’m excited to dive into this world again, after quite some time editing in it and writing some other works on the side.

It’s funny because I’ve had a lot of mixed emotions about this series. Sure, I love the story and the characters in it, but I always worry they won’t be as well received by others. Worry is a massive opponent for any author.

In this particular case, I’ve had only a few detractors during the editing and writing group process, and I only had those because I took so long being unsure of the story that I belonged to two different writing groups since I started the first draft of the first book.

The first group liked the story. A few years later, the second group mostly did not. At least, a few vocal members did not. I split with that group, annoyed and frustrated. Harshness is of limited value, especially when you can’t decouple your base opinion from your critique. I really don’t see the point in writing groups anymore, mostly because of this second experience with one.

I wouldn’t call that second group nasty, but they certainly added up to discouraging. Luckily, I didn’t stay for long.

Anyway, I’m beginning again. And beginnings aren’t a time to dwell on the past, especially one I think I handled fairly well.

The next book is going to be slightly longer than the previous three, each of which was between 50,000 and 65,000 words. I think this one will be closer to 70,000, but who can say. I may find an ending right around where the others ended. At the moment, I’m trying to write with joy, and take my time to put my style and my feelings into the story.

Words are not the hard part of the work for me, I’ve realized recently.

I have more difficulty with devising stories than with prose these days. A shift of focus may be in order.

Thanks for reading.

If you haven’t read it yet, Storm Fleet, book one of the Pillar Universe series is free and will be for the foreseeable future, from all major ebook distributors. Check it out if you want to support me.

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