Series Fiction and a Stuffy Nose

I’ve caught a cold at the moment. As I’m coughing and sneezing a bit much to focus on writing the fourth Pillar Universe book, I figured I’d update all of you on my current plans and give some thoughts on series fiction.

First of all, I am still writing the rough draft for “Imperial Rain” the next Pillar Universe book. Once I complete this book (Hopefully within the next month) this will be the longest series by word count I’ll have published. Future perfect-tense tense aside, I have a lot of other books in the works. High hopes won’t get those stories out into the world where you can read them, though. I need to beat the depression I’m suffering from to push forward.

The trouble with depression is I so rarely remember it when I’m talking to my therapist or anyone else with whom I find it fun to converse. I like chatting with people enough I typically forget the suck I labor in when no one’s around.

Oh well.

As for series fiction, I really want to write a couple of great, long series in the next years or so. I’m debating internally if they should both be Science Fiction or if one can be fantasy. I like writing fantasy but I think focusing on one over the other genre will serve me better in the near future. A series requires a lot of effort to push forward when I plan it out, and when I don’t it still is a lot of writing.

Regardless, I am planning to try different things on the side because I don’t ever want to be tied down in my head. One could say that’s a complex of its own, of course.

Anyway, this post has gotten longer than usual. If you’re still here, thanks for reading. I’ll be back sooner rather than later, hopefully.

Until then, keep reading and writing.

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