Going 19

Let me start off this blog post by saying, so far, my family and I are fine. My immediate area is not yet fully locked down, but I expect that will happen soon.

I tend to be pretty isolated under normal conditions. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic is making my occasions to go out and interact with others even smaller.

I’m working on Shadow Prince as well as on cleaning up a lot of typos I missed before publication in the first book of that series, Demon Scroll. One note about those edits: I regret setting the pre-order too short to allow this level of editing the first time. It won’t happen again, as I’m embarrassed by many of these mistakes.

I hope you’re all safe out there, and I plan to write again soon. Don’t I always say that when I make a post? Well, this time I mean it. Maybe it will be next week, or maybe tomorrow, but I’ll write again soon.

Thank for reading.

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