The Deadly Sins of Writers

Let me explain the title of this post for starters.

I’ve been kicking around a nonfiction idea for writers, I think of as the seven deadly sins of writers. Greed, sloth, etc, as they apply to writers. As I consider this book (Along with my many and varied fiction projects), I realized one of these sins stands out the most to me as it applies to writers.

I think envy is my greatest challenge at the moment (With sloth/indolence being a close second).

Lately, I look at the success of others, and though I think I’m managing the envy well compared to how I’d deal with it in the past, you could say I’m a bit nervous of how long I can maintain a good attitude about my feelings.

There are lots of independent authors who do very well. I’m working to become one of them, as I’m sure many of you know. The only way to get there is to work more. That’s where sloth arrives to join forces with envy. I’m less skilled at dealing with envy of other peoples’ attitude or work ethic, and that’s what I find gets to me these days. It’s not about the money, it’s about the process. If I felt freer, I would be on my way in no time.

Of that, I feel certain. But never mind the negativity.

I have more words to do today. Just wanted to check in with you readers first. I’m still working on the sequel to The Mangrove Suite. It’s going pretty well right now, though it could always be better.

No excerpt this week. Would be too spoilery given the subject matter of the recent chapters.


The Return of Blogging


Hey, everyone.


Let me just dust off this old blog here.




By god, it has been a while.


First off, I want to say thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed the serials Tenlyres, Stolen Parts, and Invisibles. Those are going to be on hiatus for the time being, to give me more time to write other fiction. I love writing stories, but right now I don’t have the ability to split my focus and construct fiction for sale and fiction for this blog simultaneously.


Next up, there are only a couple days left before October, at which point I will be ending my giveaways on If you want to get Rem’s Dream for free, head over there using this link before the first of the new month.


Now, a quick update on my writing process.


I picked up the writing pace on Sunday, and maintained a pretty solid rate (for me) through the week. All these words either went to notes in the “Clean” universe, where my latest release is set. This is a pretty unusual genepunk/cyberpunk setting which also features an alien occupation of the Earth in the near future.


I decided on Sunday, after a solid day of writing on the second book in the series, that I want to keep this setting alive for a good long while. I don’t want to be bound to one story-world for my whole career, but I think I can commit to this one for a while. Along those lines, I started brainstorming some new spin-off story ideas on Tuesday, for use once I get some more released in the main series.


It’s also worth noting that I have begun a consistency challenge to write at least 100 words every day for 100 days. Lately, I haven’t always been consistent, and this has hurt my momentum on the stories I’ve been producing. I started this challenge on Sunday, so I’m now on Day 6 of the challenge, as of this writing.


Anyway, I’m pretty happy with my progress. I’m sharing a brief sample of the week’s writing below. It’s good to be back and talking as myself. Feel free to leave a comment, or click on the sidebar at and check out any of my books. Thanks for reading everyone.


Weekly Writing Excerpt (Rough Draft)

He nodded. “It felt good to help. To be one of the good guys again.”

“Is that how you felt when you served?” Elizabeth’s voice was soft. “Like a good person?”

I remembered how she once told me her father had been in the military. Elizabeth rarely discussed her family, and I could tell at the time she and her father were not on good terms. She looked down at her plate with a sigh.

Thomas glanced at me. I unfolded my arms. The silence seemed absolute despite the other residents eating at neighboring places all around our table.

I said, “Don’t rush into anything, Thomas. It’ll be dangerous out there.” Outside the window, snowflakes started to scatter from low, gray clouds.

Thomas gave me a small smile. “I promise, I’ll tell you first if I decide to do something crazy.”

Invisibles on Wattpad

Hey, everybody.

It has been some time since I posted a simple blog post here, so here I am with some news.

First, I have made the first 5 chapters of Invisibles available on Wattpad, which I plan to keep updating regularly as the stories progress.

The story has a new cover there, same as the image at the top of this post.

I’ve been writing on one book and planning several others, as I usually do. Not sure when my next release will be ready, but hopefully I will be able to release the next Clean book this year or early next year.

Thank you all for your continued support by reading this blog, and don’t forget you can get most of my books wherever books can be purchased online. The exception is The Mangrove Suite, the first Clean book, which is available exclusively on at the time of this writing.

Appreciation all around. Thanks for reading.


Soul Art

Today today today!

The sequel to “Hunter and Seed,” a little novel called “Soul Art” by yours truly is finally out for preorder!

I could not wait to release this, but it’s taken longer than I wanted. All things considered, my brain is a wild and weird artifact, including a few features I don’t like a whole lot. One of those despised traits is depression, and I have been dealing with that for much of my life. I suffered some serious bouts of depression over the last year and a half.

Excuses aside, I am excited to finally release this book. And in the honor of this release, I’ve lowered the price of “Hunter and Seed” to ninety-nine cents. If you have not checked that book out yet, now is the time.

I love writing, and writing this blog is good fun. However, writing fiction is my greatest passion. I think a lot of you, especially those of you who have enjoyed my serials on this blog, will like reading both “Hunter and Seed” and “Soul Art.”

Thank you for reading.

News and Podcasts I’m Enjoying

Hello, everybody! It’s been too long since I blogged here, so please allow me to thank you for reading up front. I know how annoying it can be when content from providers I enjoy becomes irregular.

What’s up with me lately?

First of all, I’m preparing for the launch of “Soul Art,” the second Maker Mythos novel, currently set for July 11th! I’m excited to finally get this one out the door to the people who have been waiting for it. “Hunter and Seed” is currently my best selling book, and by far the most popular thing I’ve released so far. I won’t take so long to release book 3, hopefully.

Part one of “Hunter and Seed” is currently free for download over at instafreebie, so check that out if you’re interested in the series. Oh, and if you hurry, I have a special freebie of the complete book for those who subscribe to my mailing list before the preorder for “Soul Art” goes live.

While editing, I have been writing little by little on the side. I’ve also been podcasting regularly over at That’s been fun and had me experiencing being busy for the first time in a while.

I still listen to a bunch of nice podcasts, mostly writing related.

J. Daniel Sawyer’s Every Day Novelist is pretty new, and super high-quality questions and answers.

The Dead Robots’ Society has been a quality show for some time, but I think it keeps getting better (And weirder) all the time, especially if you’re into the writerly water-cooler conversation.

Finally, Joanna Penn runs a tight and informative ship over at The Creative Penn Podcast. Really great show. The interviews are good, but the introduction is my favorite part of each episode.

I’m excited to see what July has in store. Keep reading, and I hope to be back more often on Mondays.

And as always, thank you for lending your eyes to my ramblings.