7 Minutes of Demon Scroll Launch Day

Demon Scroll launches today!

The book is out! After just over 50 days, Demon Scroll has gone from concept to release. The link above will take you fantasy fans to Amazon.com where you can get the ebook for 99 cents US if you get it before the 9th of September 2019.

I loved creating this book and while it was my first (Almost) fully-dictated novel it most certainly will not be the last.

Writing by dictation is counter-intuitive procedurally for me. However, as a tool it cuts down on the time it takes me to write a rough draft by a considerable margin.

I created all the major elements of the book, including the cover and the internal map.

How did I, who until recently suffered from major lack of energy on top of depression and anxiety, amass energy to do all this in less than two months? I guess I owe the result to a stable situation in my life when combined with the addition of a CPAP machine, which I started using in late June. I never imagined the effect the machine would have on my life and my work. I’ve never possessed more get up and go as an adult.

Mentally speaking, I am very happy to add my thanks to Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way” for helping me clear the mustiness from my mind each day with morning pages prior to dictating each day during my rough-draft process. Anyway, that’s 7 minutes.

One last thing. The first edition of the ebook lacks a dedication just on account of my hurry to release the novel. Hopefully that’s all I’ve forgotten going into publication.

This one’s for Joe.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

Demon Scroll is Near!

Hi folks. Woah, it has been a bit since I announced the approach of my first full-length epic fantasy novel, over a month.

In that time, I managed to complete the rough draft of the book and am most of the way through the edits as well.

I’m very proud of the book, Demon Scroll, which is up for preorder at a nice low early bird price right now. Launch day is on September 3rd, 2019. The 99 cent price point won’t last long after that, so check it out as soon as you’re able.

Thanks for reading. I will leave you with a link to the book.

Demon Scroll

I’ll be back before launch day.

As always, thanks for reading.

Seachange. Epic Fantasy incoming!

Hello, everybody.

As many of you know, I’ve tried my hand at publishing science fiction this past six months, but before that I published a series of short fantasy novellas. That series was called The Spells of the Curtain, which now has a compilation of the first five books out on amazon.com right now.

That isn’t the main reason, I’m writing, however.

I have a new book I’m working on. This one will truly be epic fantasy, in the vein of Sanderson, Jordan, and Tolkien as well as many others.

I am in the process of creating the new book but it’s already up for preorder on amazon.com. Demon Scroll is the name of the book, but you can’t read it yet. That brings me to the true point of this post.

There is something out there in my new series I’m proud of and you can read right now.

I previously wrote a little story in the same world, featuring a character who will return in Demon Scroll. That little story is called “The Crimson Suitor” and it is available FREE on bookfunnel.com right now!

Here is a link.

Give the story a read, and start getting hyped for the novel, coming September 3rd. The world of these stories is one I love dearly and have been working on for over a decade. The story you can get for free is kinda short, but you’ll be able to get the full-length 500+ page ebook on Amazon.com for just a buck on launch day.

Thanks for reading.

And if you’re a writer, keep writing. You only fail if you give up completely.

Take care of yourselves, folks.

Genre Direction

So, I have been remiss in blogging. Again.

One could assume this is my natural state of being, but given the recent introduction of a sleep aid machine to my life, I have a feeling I may be posting more often in the future, given the additional energy.

I have been considering my next move as an independent author even as I keep writing on various works in progress. I wrote two short stories in the past thirty days or so, and am planning to use dictation to speed my completion of the current novel I’m working on (The Pillar Universe Book 4).

I’ve known for a while now, my first love is fantasy, despite having written predominantly science fiction this year. I know these genres are close to each other in qualities, which is probably why I enjoy them both. However, my particular brand of writing I think lends itself more toward the worlds of fantasy, rather than the more futuristic worlds of space opera or cyberpunk.

I’m still planning on continuing the science fiction series I have out already, but given my fantasy roots and the ease I had marketing my fantasy novella series last fall, I think its time to change course back to what is for me, the core of my genre preferences.

Once this fourth Pillar Universe book is complete, I will make my move to write some more fantasy.

In the meantime, as I wrap up this post, please check out Booksprout and pick up a copy of Storm Fleet for free, in exchange for a review.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll chat at you all again soon.

Series Fiction and a Stuffy Nose

I’ve caught a cold at the moment. As I’m coughing and sneezing a bit much to focus on writing the fourth Pillar Universe book, I figured I’d update all of you on my current plans and give some thoughts on series fiction.

First of all, I am still writing the rough draft for “Imperial Rain” the next Pillar Universe book. Once I complete this book (Hopefully within the next month) this will be the longest series by word count I’ll have published. Future perfect-tense tense aside, I have a lot of other books in the works. High hopes won’t get those stories out into the world where you can read them, though. I need to beat the depression I’m suffering from to push forward.

The trouble with depression is I so rarely remember it when I’m talking to my therapist or anyone else with whom I find it fun to converse. I like chatting with people enough I typically forget the suck I labor in when no one’s around.

Oh well.

As for series fiction, I really want to write a couple of great, long series in the next years or so. I’m debating internally if they should both be Science Fiction or if one can be fantasy. I like writing fantasy but I think focusing on one over the other genre will serve me better in the near future. A series requires a lot of effort to push forward when I plan it out, and when I don’t it still is a lot of writing.

Regardless, I am planning to try different things on the side because I don’t ever want to be tied down in my head. One could say that’s a complex of its own, of course.

Anyway, this post has gotten longer than usual. If you’re still here, thanks for reading. I’ll be back sooner rather than later, hopefully.

Until then, keep reading and writing.

Writing Blog – It Begins Again

I’m writing in the fourth book of the Pillar Universe series today.

I’m excited to dive into this world again, after quite some time editing in it and writing some other works on the side.

It’s funny because I’ve had a lot of mixed emotions about this series. Sure, I love the story and the characters in it, but I always worry they won’t be as well received by others. Worry is a massive opponent for any author.

In this particular case, I’ve had only a few detractors during the editing and writing group process, and I only had those because I took so long being unsure of the story that I belonged to two different writing groups since I started the first draft of the first book.

The first group liked the story. A few years later, the second group mostly did not. At least, a few vocal members did not. I split with that group, annoyed and frustrated. Harshness is of limited value, especially when you can’t decouple your base opinion from your critique. I really don’t see the point in writing groups anymore, mostly because of this second experience with one.

I wouldn’t call that second group nasty, but they certainly added up to discouraging. Luckily, I didn’t stay for long.

Anyway, I’m beginning again. And beginnings aren’t a time to dwell on the past, especially one I think I handled fairly well.

The next book is going to be slightly longer than the previous three, each of which was between 50,000 and 65,000 words. I think this one will be closer to 70,000, but who can say. I may find an ending right around where the others ended. At the moment, I’m trying to write with joy, and take my time to put my style and my feelings into the story.

Words are not the hard part of the work for me, I’ve realized recently.

I have more difficulty with devising stories than with prose these days. A shift of focus may be in order.

Thanks for reading.

If you haven’t read it yet, Storm Fleet, book one of the Pillar Universe series is free and will be for the foreseeable future, from all major ebook distributors. Check it out if you want to support me.

Three Ebooks for 4 USD

Hey everyone. Once again I have strayed from this blog.

Writing has gotten me busy and I’ve been frequently distracted by lots of stuff.

However, I thought you folks might want to know you can now get my entire Pillar Universe series up to this point for just 4 dollars American (And less in some countries!).

Book one through three together form a single strong and cohesive story, and I hope to continue it in the very near future.

Here are the links.

Book 1 – Storm Fleet https://books2read.com/u/mVQ61P

Book 2 – Flame Wind http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N14ZF9Y

Book 3 – Ice War https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P19P8KD/

Thanks for reading!