Dreams with a Hint of Barnacles

I had an unusual dream last night. For one thing, it wasn’t a nightmare.

I enjoyed this dream.

In the dream, I witnessed a dark fantasy world, which appeared as a nested set of tales, one hidden within another down a few layers deep. For this reason,, it is tough to remember what the overall story was about.

Dark armor. Bright blades. Powerful heroes. Tragic and dramatic results.

All surrounded in wind and rain, possibly a result of the winter storm going on in my area last night.

Right now, it seems to me this dream could apply to an odd set of worlds I have been fiddling on, involving space-traveling fantasy with barnacles on giant spacefaring creatures. But now, as I unpack the dream, it fits a much older setting I’ve created a lot better.

That setting has gone by the name of Fantasy A (I know, I’m terribly creative).

This is a setting I’ve probably mentioned before on this blog, but likely that was years ago. I can’t recall precisely.

It’s a world of demons and magic, but regardless, I’m excited to pick it up at some point in the near future, especially after this night of dreaming.

For now, though I have other work to pursue. Such is the life of a writer.

Thanks for reading.


Rem’s Dream has launched!

Rem’s Dream is out on all platforms. I’ve been looking forward to writing that.

Just to start off, here are some links:
Other Distributors

This book is about coming of age in the near future, when dreams are fuel for the world, and also the home of the greatest threat to humanity. Nightmares abound and they have teeth.

Do us both a favor and give it a read.

REM'S DREAM6 ebook lq

Oh, and Tenlyres will be back this Friday, with Chapter 26. Don’t think that means I won’t still be talking about Rem’s Dream for a few weeks. And thanks to everyone who reads here.

As always, thanks for reading.

Nowhere to Hide (Dream Journal #4)


One of the dreams I had last night felt surprisingly not as upsetting as the content clearly suggests.

I was some kind of creature, like a giant insect or something. I was burrowing deeper and deeper into a rocky outcrop as lethal beams of energy carved away at the top of the formation. I knew I couldn’t go below the level of the ordinary ground for some reason. So I hid and in the stony tunnels and hoped whoever was shooting would stop their bombardment before the beams reached me.

I listened to thundering blasts and collapses. The rocks shook and dislodged dust. I went as low as I could go.

It wasn’t enough. Eventually, the beams stripped off the outer layer of stone. Then I was hit and everything went white.

I remember thinking. “So this is dying.”

And then I woke up, surprisingly calm, with thunder rumbling in the sky of the real world.

Most of the time when I die horribly in a dream it upsets me more. This time, I didn’t feel scared about it. Maybe I’m learning.

Short post. I have had a tough time mustering myself up to write for this blog this week.

Thanks for reading.

A Bloody Film (Dream Journal #3)


Have you ever had a dream that told the story of a seriously dark and bloody suspense thriller where pretty much everyone died… And every character looked like someone you know, mostly your relatives? Today, I can say, yes. I have.

It started out with a simple premise if I can recall. A typical family from the USA moves to the middle of a city in some war-torn country to live as part of a reality television program or something. So there are armed guards and tv production crew running around this set.

What ensued was far from the offensive cheesy comedy Hollywood probably would have made with this kind of set-up.

I witnessed scenes of bloodshed as the guards and crew tried to keep the show going around the family as disasters continued to occur. I feel as though I watched countless people get shot and lots more killed in other ways. Frankly, this dream really messed me up this morning. I feel like it went on all night, just a procession of domestic and violent horrors.

The last scene before I woke up ten minutes before my alarm was one of the older daughter in the family realizing her little sister was an impostor who wanted to kill her. Lucky me, I woke up before the dream went full on paranoid.

But it was a mess, regardless.

This summary brought to you by a motorcycle chase where a TV producer escapes from armed militants intent on dismembering him. Lucky him.

This dream was also brought to you by… Watching the news and youtube talking heads.

The day can’t help but get better from here.

Thanks for reading.

A Bright Abyss (Dream Journal #2)


Yesterday I missed blogging because it was Independence Day here in the USA. However, that did not stop the dreams.

They were more jumbled than the one I reported in my first dream journal for this blog.

What I remember the most was the altitude. I wasn’t flying. I was hanging from a brightly lit scaffold a good hundred or more feet up the side of a cliff face. I was setting very finely detailed miniatures on a narrow plate along the cliff side, as were countless other people.

I was afraid of the heights, but unusually for me, I was confident my hands would not slip and send the little models I was setting on the side of the cliff tumbling down.

After that, the dream sort of morphed into a vision of one of my favorite created science fiction settings, the pillar universe. I don’t really want to go into a description of this… rather complex physical setting, in this post. I think I was falling. Falling into a misty, airy void, lit by circling and burning orbs both above and below.

After that, I woke up. I had an urge to work on my pillar universe story.

So, I’m reporting this late and double the thanks for reading.

Mental Travels (Dream Journal #1)

Last night I had a dream that seemed familiar in spite of its completely bizarre scenes.

My twin brother and I were on some kind of gondola, gliding down toward the earth across a vast distance.

We passed out of a city with skyscrapers and into a ruined land where giant snakes draped themselves over derelict structures that appeared ancient and arcane. I thought they looked like wingless dragons, these snakes hanging on buildings all around.

But eventually we passed out of the ruined city, and away from the colossal, sunbathing serpents.

We rode down across gray and muddy flats, barren of any trees or plants. By this time the gondola rode quite low, but there was no sign a station to stop at despite being able to see for miles. Our speed seemed great being low to the ground. We saw armored vehicles rolling slowly through the mud below, barely seeming to move in the mud, but heading the same direction as the gondola.

I’m a little muddled, to be honest, of the order of events after the mudflats.

I remember we glided to a stop in the evening, at a gondola station on the edge of the mudflats. The station was connected to a huge building with wooden roofs that sat at odd slanting angles, strange in relation to each other. When we went into this building we found it was full of reveling people of all descriptions in ragged clothing.

Though these people varied in appearance, they all had one thing in common. Each of them carried a shot glass of pure water. Though the building appeared to be the setting of a vast party, I saw no other beverages, and none of the revelers drank from their little glasses.

As my brother and I made our way through the party we gradually descended the halls until we came to a room that looked like a bar where people still carried their water glasses, but here they also drank wine and beer and other alcohol. Still, they never touched their water.

There was a cellar-door of sorts in the center of the barroom that led further downward. Despite the din of the barroom, I could hear still louder sounds through the reverberating floor at our feet.

Eventually, my twin and I descended the steps of the cellar door along with a crowd of revelers all drunk from the bar. I think I felt a chill and the sea breeze at a gate leading out from the broad stairway.

It was then we saw the source of the noise that shook the barroom floor.

Beyond the gate, the inebriated people from the barroom marched into a muddy battlefield formed beneath the shadow of huge wooden structure and the stilts that held it upright, embedded in the sea beyond the beach and in the surf of the sea. The drunken men and women were given weapons, spears and swords, and marched out in the red seafoam, fighting enemies whose nature I could not decipher.

They marched into the sea, and into the battle.

I don’t recall what my brother and I did after that. I woke up.

That was my dream last night. And yet I had a feeling I had dreamed it before. I cannot remember precisely when. But the ruins with the snakes and the mud flats felt familiar. It puzzles me.

Thanks for reading.

Websites and Anger Nightmares

I worked on my (currently terrible) author website this morning, prior to leaving for the coffee shop. I have everything set up and hosted, but I’m having trouble getting the site I want up on the host. Anyway, that’s my background this morning. Editing will commence by 7 am, for certain.

Despite my certainty on the editing for the day, I have a bit of trouble going against me. Both last night and the night before I had anger nightmares.

Anger Nightmares are pretty much what they sound like. I have a terrifying and tempestuous series of dreams in which I am the angry monstrous force, usually irrationally focused on some specific name or person from my life. It’s terrible. I wake up feeling gross and disturbed.

Maybe it was listening to those well-meaning youtube news shows again that set me off.

Regardless, these dreams can really disrupt the following day. For now, I am still confident I can get through this, and not in a way that sounds like it belongs on Coheed and Cambria’s third (Their most famous and most brutal) album. With that reference that not many of you will likely understand, because I don’t really blog about music, I think it’s time to tackle this issue.

Have a good day, everyone. Treat each other well.

Thanks for reading.