If you like reading this blog…

…you’ll probably enjoy reading my stories and the author’s notes associated with them on Kindle Vella.

Let me back up.

I’m told a lot of folks don’t know what Kindle Vella actually is.

Okay. Let me stretch my fingers.

Kindle Vella is a program over on Amazon.com, so yes, it’s all based out of the same company as the rest of the Kindle store. Vella is new, though, and it’s a platform for publishing serial fiction. The first three chapters of each story are free, and everybody reader who logs in to vella gets 200 free tokens to purchase additional episodes.

The upshot here is that, as an author, I plan to test the waters on som of my series (The ones that are currently unpublished elsewhere) and explore other concepts to see what people like.

I’ll be posting the status of each new story in the updates at the end of each episode or chapter, like miniature blog posts.

If you want to follow my writing process and get some commentary as well as story, check out my stuff as it drops. Currently I only have 1 I’m really working on: Warrior Online, but that’s changing. I’m editing my older works to produce more serials, that will eventually be novelized (As allowed by the Vella program).

So, give it a shot. Here is a link to my current Vella Story. It’s a lot like many of my stories: Science Fiction with a bit of romantic tension and a weird twist to it. It’s a good time if you ask me.

Thanks for reading.

7 Years to Remember


It’s been a bit since I posted, but I’m back for the moment, and I have a new book out!

The Forgotten Mask” is the start of a new series, called Temple Theater, but it’s also one of the oldest books I’m publishing. I wrote most of the novel in 2014, but only finished the draft in spring 2021.

Why is that?

The book didn’t take seven years of WRITING time, and no, I didn’t revise it completely at any point, though I’ve done so with other books before.

Why leave a book on the shelf for so long?

This first book of Temple Theater and the premise of steampunk fantasy really interests me. Gods and monsters, magic and machines. I dig that vibe.

I did at the time of beginning the book in 2014 too.

When I started Temple Theater I still planned to submit to publishers, rather than independently releasing books. I wrote 50,000 words and stopped because (If I recall) I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to build up to a huge finale over another 50k, but something stopped me.

That’s the little voice I now associate with my thoughtful side. I don’t consider the voice to be part of over-thinking, it’s about actually having thoughts. I often push that voice away, but when there’s a problem with a writing project it always prompts me to consider what the real issue is, often stopping my progress in making new words.

Well, earlier this year I figured out why that part of me stopped writing the book in 2014.

I’d been closer to the end than I thought.

So if you ever want to see what a book that took seven years to write reads like, here is a link to the ebook on Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B099X4J3JB. It will be out in print on all major on-demand platforms soon.

In spring I added 10,000 words or so. With some serious editing I tuned the whole novel. And now, it’s done. It’s out, and I’m working on the sequel.

And here I go waxing on, when I should be writng.

Thanks for reading, folks.

Stay safe.

I’ll write again soon.


Accountability and Editing

I have not been writing many new words over the last few weeks. The editing urge had me strong, and I am near-completion of the sequel to “Hunter and Seed,” now entitled “Soul Art”. The book should release sometime in June.

While I’m proud of “Soul Art,” and the editing process went well, I have felt pretty inadequate lately, as I’ve been failing to make writing a habit. Almost nothing new went to the page this month. I’m sorry to say it, and I will change things going forward.


I want to become barbaric, wild, and relentless when it comes to writing. Write. Always. Write whatever I want in that moment.

In the past, I definitely made some headway doing this sort of thing. I have been hampered by taking writing advice too seriously. I have to see my own way as a viable path once again. Because it is.

This post is not meant to attract sympathy. I have the best job in the world. Now to get to it.

Thanks for reading.



I am back for what has lately been my weekly update here. I don’t like the fact things are working out this way, but it seems Monday is the only day of the week I can get my stuff together to write in this space.

I want to change that, and you will see if I am successful or not.

That said, I’ve been up to a few things over the past week.

I’ve been reading Jeff Vandermeer’s “Wonderbook” which is amazing and inspiring as a text for writers. I don’t even know how to describe it beyond it using visuals along with words to relate ideas about surviving with a creative mind, specifically as a writer. I’ve known about this book’s existence for a while, but oh boy, I did not expect it to be this powerful. I’m still only part of the way through it, but just reading this book makes me want to write.

When it comes to writing advice I prefer the toolbox presentation to the prescription of formulas. Wonderbook has that covered. For now, I give it a thumbs up, but I’m not far into it.

So, I’ve been inspired to work on writing, and have been thinking about how to proceed with the sequel to my first novel, “Hunter and Seed” as this book is still my highest seller and in one of my favorite story universes.

Also, I am editing again! The pillar universe novel is on deck for a comprehensive read-through for the first time. This is my longest novel and has a long way to go because I learned so much over the course of the year it took to write it. I’m adding a couple of scenes at different points, but I can see some others getting cut even though I usually add stuff more than take out when I edit.

Did I mention these antidepressants appear to be working? Also, I really like getting enough sleep. That seems to help too.

Anyway, that’s me checking in. Hopefully, I’ll chat with you all later this week as well.

Thanks for reading.

Here and Gone and News


I was falling asleep last night when I had a terrific idea for a blog post. I wanted to write it down but I but then I feel asleep. Now that I’m awake I don’t have the thought anymore.

Regardless, there is some good news. I have begun recording a podcast that should stick, along with my friend and able cohost, Rob Ward.

Of Mooks & Monsters is a podcast about alternative RPGs, worldbuilding, and all things related to games. With Dungeons and Dragons having lost its supremacy in the last decade, and our own experiments in roleplaying games, Rob and I thought it would be fun.

So, this is officially an end to the short-lived Lore of the Worlds, at least for now. I just couldn’t keep doing a show by myself. Oh well, live and learn.

The other bit of news I have is that I am going to be pushing back the release of Rem’s Dream a bit. I want to get this book right, and that will take the time to edit. Also, I’ve had the damnedest time writing the Tenlyres serial while trying to edit.

The show must go on, so Tenlyres is going to take priority until I can build a substantial buffer or even finish the story.

For those of you not familiar with Rem’s Dream, it’s a near-future young adult story about a girl who is forever haunted by a sentient nightmare and still goes after her own ambition to become a dream scout and explore the world beyond sleep.

Look for Rem’s Dream in July. I can’t push it back any further than that if I want to keep my other goals moving, but Tenlyres is calling like Cthulhu and I must heed that siren song.

There will be other books later this year, including the sequel to Hunter and Seed, called Spurring the Beast. I want to make sure the books I produce are well-prepared and well-targeted when I release them.

A book is a large investment of my time and effort at this point. I want to make sure I get the best out of each of them.

That about covers today. I’ve heard way too much awful news over the past week, but in particular, the worst mass-shooting in United States history has gotten to me. At times like this, I don’t really know what to say.

We are all connected by the chains of cause and effect. Not Karma as some of the Hindu traditions teach, but Karma more in the Buddhist and psychological conditioning sense.

Funny enough this reminds me of some lyrics from a hymn sang at the church I attended growing up.

“So my pain is pain for you.
In your joy is my joy too.”

I think there’s a lot of truth in that outlook.

Perhaps it is not so strange to feel sadness for people I’ve never met who suffered and died in a horrific situation.

Today is Monday. Another small temporal cycle is just beginning. Let us treat each other as we want to be treated.

Thanks for reading.

Characters from Within

I’ve had trouble with putting in enough characterization in my stories. This has improved over the last few books, but I have an interest in revising the older work. For the most part, I think I’ve known my characters fairly well, but my early readers have often ended up saying they did not really ‘get’ my protagonists especially.

However, going back to edit these books I can generally not see that understanding. And the challenge is to add in the thoughts and feelings I know I conceptualized while I was writing each scene but that didn’t end up on the page.

So, that’s my hell. Hopefully, I’ll be successful and I’ll be able to release my next novel before Fourth Street Fantasy, which starts on the June 17th this year.

I’ve been remiss in blogging lately. I hope that will change too.

Thanks for reading.

First Person Fiction

I haven’t written all that much first person fiction. Right now I am contemplating, not only a new first—person point of view story but also editing an older book to switch to first-person.

I don’t have a lot to say just yet, and I have writing to get to this morning.

Regardless, first-person lets one use a very in-depth voice. That’s a feature I really want to learn to use.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for reading.

Life in Final Draft

First and foremost, I will say, rest in peace David Bowie.

Second, and on a happier note, I must add that I applied some far-reaching fixes to the novel I’ve been editing this morning. This draft was supposed to take a four-day work week. It’s done, as of Monday. I bet I can do the final polish later this week, in addition to all the drafts on Tenlyres chapter one.

I feel pretty good though this is tempered by the news at the top of the page.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Short post but one I think is appropriate.

Later, Ziggy.

Thanks for reading.

Things are About to Get Crazy

This is the last post I can promise for the year. Why? I am still editing, and in a few days, I am heading out to the family Christmas gathering on one side of the country. After that, one of my brothers is getting married on the opposite side of the country as the first gathering.

With time running out for work this month, I am getting more and more distracted.

It’s been a good year, in spite of a lot of things that I didn’t like so much. I’ll miss my grandfather, who passed in August. I’ve had troubles with motivation and more troubles with members of my family. I went off an anti-depressant that turned out to just be weighing me down. I’m close to publishing my first novel, despite the broken messes of the unfinished books of the past few years.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I really appreciate any attention I get.

As always, thanks for reading.


I am still in the midst of editing, but now I’m considering how I’m going to make my first novel release.

Not sure if I’m confident enough for preorders, but who knows, I may try that. I will post on this blog if I decide to do that. The reason I’m not confident on preorders is that this is my first novel, and I won’t know until beta readers get back to me in the next step of the process, whether or not it will be ready in January.

But I think the book will be ready in January.

I need to get back to reading out loud.

Thanks for reading.