Immersion for Authors – 7 Minutes of Thoughts

Lately I’ve been trying to solve some of the problems that regularly crop up during my writing process. Yesterday I got a piece of advice from Terry Mixon during one of the Dead Robots’ Society podcast’s live patreon recordings.

I asked him how he made a project the center of his focus.

His answer?

Immersion. He immerses in the book and then it takes his attention as a creator for as long as he can give it.

I like that answer (I only paraphrased it here), and am thinking immersion has become a greater and greater challenge for my personality as I’ve aged.

My early books were easier to get lost in while writing them, but only because I was more desperate to not be in my life. Well, I may be happier, but let me be candid: I’m not happy with my life. Yet, I’m more invested in the real world than I’ve ever been.

What an awful state, but I can remedy it. On my recent vacation I read a coupe of different novels to the end just to survive long hours in the car. I can use the same principle to separate myself from my current living situation, in mental terms, by escaping into the books I’m writing.

I need to immerse myself in fiction, now more than ever.

I don’t know if this will be helpful to every reader out there, but it won’t hurt to pay more attention to your work.

That can only improve your writing quality and productivity.

And if you want to immerse in another author’s story world first, mnay I suggest you check out my books here.

Thanks for reading. It’s an honor that your eyes follow these humble lines.

7 Years to Remember


It’s been a bit since I posted, but I’m back for the moment, and I have a new book out!

The Forgotten Mask” is the start of a new series, called Temple Theater, but it’s also one of the oldest books I’m publishing. I wrote most of the novel in 2014, but only finished the draft in spring 2021.

Why is that?

The book didn’t take seven years of WRITING time, and no, I didn’t revise it completely at any point, though I’ve done so with other books before.

Why leave a book on the shelf for so long?

This first book of Temple Theater and the premise of steampunk fantasy really interests me. Gods and monsters, magic and machines. I dig that vibe.

I did at the time of beginning the book in 2014 too.

When I started Temple Theater I still planned to submit to publishers, rather than independently releasing books. I wrote 50,000 words and stopped because (If I recall) I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to build up to a huge finale over another 50k, but something stopped me.

That’s the little voice I now associate with my thoughtful side. I don’t consider the voice to be part of over-thinking, it’s about actually having thoughts. I often push that voice away, but when there’s a problem with a writing project it always prompts me to consider what the real issue is, often stopping my progress in making new words.

Well, earlier this year I figured out why that part of me stopped writing the book in 2014.

I’d been closer to the end than I thought.

So if you ever want to see what a book that took seven years to write reads like, here is a link to the ebook on It will be out in print on all major on-demand platforms soon.

In spring I added 10,000 words or so. With some serious editing I tuned the whole novel. And now, it’s done. It’s out, and I’m working on the sequel.

And here I go waxing on, when I should be writng.

Thanks for reading, folks.

Stay safe.

I’ll write again soon.


Word Binge, Success?

I have been writing fairly well this week. Tuesday and Wednesday I did a lot of good words and loved the story as I went. Thursday (Yesterday) I felt the fatigue of the sleep I had been sacrificing all week, and I just felt like talking. Thank goodness, I was able to connect with two other wonderful writer people to chat and rejuvenate.

However, I did not write any serious words yesterday. I wish I could have found the energy, but at least I got more sleep last night. That brings us to the present.

I have not been writing 11,000 words a day, though my numbers have been pretty good, but I’m going to try again today.

In Rachel Aaron’s book, “2k to 10k”, which I have read many times, she discusses three elements she used for herself to write 10,000 words each day. Her three are, if I recall, Knowledge, Enthusiasm, and Time. Her book is great. I highly recommend it. However, like most writing advice it must be modified for each writer to allow for personal style.

I developed a few twists on Aaron’s format yesterday.

Knowledge for me does not mean an outline that restricts, which I think is similar to Aaron’s way of things. However, I have decided that the micro-outlining she recommends is not for me. Rather, I like to have several possibilities for the outcome of the major scenes, kind of like Steven King’s advice about writing from a situation, discussed in “On Writing.”

I’ve often called what Rachel Aaron refers to as ‘Enthusiasm’ something like ‘Joy.’ If I love a scene, a character, and the world everything works better. This one is pretty much the same as what she describes, I think.

The last one is Time. My greatest weakness right now is the amount of time I work. I managed over 7000 words in about 4 hours this week. But that’s all the time I’ve spent in the last three days. As a teen was diagnosed and I still have ADHD. I also tend to get antsy and worried when I something I know will occur later in the day, whether good or bad, gets closer.

My mission today is to spend more time writing. I have my hopes that I’ll get better as I keep going. I definitely need to get at least some social time in each day, and if I lose too much sleep I will feel it eventually. Everything seems to fit for today. So here I go.

Thanks for reading.

About Last Week…

I know I missed one of my usual posts last week.

I admit, I was pretty down about this poor cat I live with that is currently in her last days. She was the first cat in my life, but time takes its toll on all things.

I barely managed to get that last chapter of Tenlyres out on time.

Then, I went to the wedding of two friends from college over the weekend.

None of that matters at the moment.

I’m back. I have words to write. The work of the moment is the art of a lifetime. I have to use the moments I have to produce the art I want.

I can understand the writers who do not like their own fiction. That isn’t me, though. I like the stories of mine that work, and not just as a writer. I like the stories I’m telling. So it’s time to tell more of them.

Some people, in fact, most people who hear my numbers and are not themselves writers, seem to think I’m prolific. This next sentence is for them. “You have not seen anything yet.”

I am excited to get back to the page. I am happy to be back at home. I am joyful as I consider how many more stories I can tell with the binge speed I have recently achieved in words per hour.

Time to get to it.

Thanks for reading.

Notes on Friendship

I wrote my 10 Ideas a Day as ideas about friendship and interdependence yesterday.

Here are a few of the things I mulled over on paper.

1. Leaning on Other people for mental or emotional support is normal.

2. Being supportive to others is at least as important as being supported.

3. When people lean on each other that is a form of love and usually friendship.

4. I have to remember the people who helped me (There are many) but also the people I have helped because both of these sets of people are closer to each of us than we think.

(Points 5 through 9 got a little bit more philosophical…)

5. “Payback” for evils you do to others can return to you in a few different ways. Points 6-8 are three of these ways.

6. Karmic Payback, when you keep doing evil things because they have become habitual for you.

7. Vengeful Payback, when people you have wronged do evil things that have an effect on you.

8. Emotional Payback, when you feel guilty or bad because you have done bad things.

9. A few methods to handle this list of problems in a morally reasonable way also occurred to me.
For Karmic Payback, an answer could be to notice and correct the habits of yours that hurt others.
For Vengeful Payback, an answer to feeling bad would be to show mercy to those you have wronged and then retaliate.
For Emotional Payback, an answer is tricky because I don’t think feeling bad is helpful. However, remorse seems important, and the difference in terms as I use them is fairly fine. Guilt is when you feel bad for getting caught or punished even if only you punish yourself. Remorse is when you feel bad for being wrong and take steps to heal those you have hurt including yourself.

(The last point returned to the original inspiration for the list…)

10. In college, I personally leaned on many friends. I only remember a few who I genuinely noticed leaning on me over those four years. These days I am fairly isolated from most of my friends, but I do communicate with some of them fairly often. Considering those points as I did yesterday inspired the list which inspired this post. I have, at times, felt resentful towards at least one of the people who leaned on me at one period of my college career, and I realized how ridiculous I was to feel that way. In any case, I am happy to have grown enough since that time to be able to think the way I did yesterday.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, somewhat unusual (For me) post.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Strange how I lately I am often leaning on the support of people I rarely if ever see.

But that’s life.

Until later. I hope you are all well.

Stress? What Stress?

I have been overstressed for the past week. Too many projects divided my focus and kept me from accomplishing things I really ought to be doing.

Twitter has also been a partial cause of my attention’s division. I wouldn’t say I go there too much, but I am beginning to truly feel involved on that site.

After all my procrastination and distraction I have good news. Thanks to a conversation with my oldest friend the other day, I worked out a business plan for the year. It looks very doable and includes a few goals I wasn’t able to appreciate before. This reorganization has reduced my stress levels quite a bit as of this morning.

And there’s more.

I will have Tenlyres Chapter 5 launched tomorrow. My excitement is building for that story, even more than before now that I’ve cut the distractions a bit. I’m happy to keep it up for the release of the ebook in late April. This will not slow down the release of the next Maker Mythos book, by the way.

Thanks for reading.

A Return to Podcasting and Hobbies?

I love listening to podcasts, and I really want to do one of my own. I’ve started a solo show called “Live After Writing” in the recent past but got stressed out by the production schedule and lack of subject matter without someone to help bounce ideas around.

Live After Writing was a show I planned to produce after writing sessions, kinda as a reward to myself, but I didn’t focus on how much fun I would have.

Well, I think I’m going to bring it back, but as something even more relaxed (if you can believe it) than it was originally. I’m not gonna have a schedule, despite what everyone who gives that very valid advice on podcasts suggests. I just don’t have the energy to do that and write the multiple projects I have on the burner.

However, I still hope to produce at least one show a week. I might occasionally reach out to other writers of all levels to chat with them, but to be honest, I really want to do a show for practice and to build my skills at talking.

I know this isn’t exactly a glowing self-recommendation, but I have enough trouble treating my fiction as a career. I don’t want to make more by requiring weekly time to a podcast. Lately, I’ve started to think that with hobby projects (Like this podcast) it is better to do something poorly than to not do it at all.

This could also apply to my derelict miniatures collection. Hmm… Anyway, I am happy to say that a hobby where I stress about how well I do every stage is a lot less joyful and inspiring to me than one where I just focus on having fun.

A bit of advice from me to me. “Don’t beat yourself up over stuff.” Heck, that may be useful for everyone.

Chapter 4 of Tenlyres is all set to drop tomorrow. Hope you’re all doing well this week.

Thanks for reading.

It’s Red, It’s Black, It’s Blue

I just hammered out another chapter for this serial novel. This one will release on Friday. I am pleased to announce I am enjoying this book immensely though I sometimes have to work harder to spark that excitement over the past 10 weeks.

Tenlyres is getting, even more, fun and I’m now a quarter of the way through this rough draft.

Colors are proving important to this story. Hell, I could have expected this part of the story if I had thought about it.

Red and Black are scattered throughout this most recent chapter. Stay red. Black Powder. It’s all pretty obvious now.

Come on, one of the main characters is named Blue.

Anyway, I like the way color-coding of a sort is making me think about this story in the process.

In other news, I am enjoying twitter more and more with every passing day. Being open on twitter is as much fun as chatting with everyone on this blog, just a bit more brief.

I still have writing in the other book to do today. I’m thinking I can get myself out of a bit of the funk I sometimes get into in starting scenes by considering different approaches to each point of action along the story. Even if I don’t take the routes I consider in the actual book, considering them makes the story better.

That happened with this latest Tenlyres chapter. I thought the chapter would be one thing initially, then got hung up on not wanting to do that. I considered a few different options over the weekend as I tried to write the second scene in the chapter (In a near panic, truthfully). When I wrote that scene over the last hour or so, I took a path I had not consciously considered.

I want to get better at being conscious of what way I want to go, but at the moment, a lot of decisions get made without careful input. This happens to me a fair amount. Option A, B, C… I choose Option 2! Yes, that’s not on the list. That’s the point.

Well, it seems to be working. I have some nice reviews on my novel Hunter and Seed up over at Amazon as of the weekend. They are making me quite happy.

A little bit of positivity goes a long way.

I hope you all have a good day.

Thanks for reading!

A Bit of Review

I am enjoying having a novel out in the world. Hunter and Seed is out and doing well. I think the book is solid, especially judging by the amount of positive feedback I’ve gotten from actual readers on the final version through various channels.

Also, I’m still having fun writing though I did procrastinate a bit last Friday. Still got a meaty chapter of Tenlyres written, and that will be released on this blog (The story is at my website already, and soon another location should be added, that being on Friday.

I enjoy the forward movement. I begin writing the sequel to Hunter and Seed starting tomorrow morning. That book should release sometime in late April though I realize now that may be a bit on the late side. Hopefully, the nigh-inevitable Book 3 of the Maker Mythos will only be a couple months removed from that. Enough time-traveling, though. I feel great. I hope all of you are well too.

As always, thanks for reading.

Patrons, Serials, and Good Feelings

I started a patreon page for the serial project which starts releasing next week!

The video I recorded is a bit rough, but hey, I’m a writer, not a speaker.

You can check out that page here:

Now, I really like the idea of doing a serial fiction project. I’ve had this in mind for quite a while. Now I am finally starting this one. It will be free on my website at (One chapter a week, released each Friday), and on this blog (Also released on Friday). The patreon supporters will get more special stuff each week as well, and I will be releasing it in collected ebook forms as I hit the ends of story arcs in the weekly story.

I’m happy to finally be getting more work out there, and though I should share the terms here, especially so you folks won’t be all confused once fiction starts popping up on this page.

I had a great week. Those of you know me or follow me on twitter or facebook likely figured that out. I’ve been working hard and having fun. I set up sites, outlined and started writing the serial project I just discussed above.

And I’m feeling good about my prospects pushing toward the release of the first novel in my Maker Mythos series later that month. That book goes by the title Hunter and Seed, and should be out around January 25th in ebook (Amazon and several other formats) and soon after that in print from Createspace.

I am excited, working effectively, and just generally happy.

I owe much of this to the vacation I went on over New Years. I’m doing my best to take precautions to keep this way, or find my way back here if I lose this attitude. Life is good.

I’m happy for everyone who is used to reading this blog and seeing me whine. I hope you won’t mind a shift in tone because I can’t whine when I feel like this.

Thanks for reading.