January 22nd 2018

Here we go, people. The pre-order for my next novel, “The Cleanway” is now live right here.

Check out that cover! I’m very pleased with it.

This book continues the story from “The Mangrove Suite” and is about twice the length of that book. For those who wanted to see more of this world and the characters, this book brings that, along with an exciting continued exploration of themes deepening of the story.

Pre-0rdering this book is a great way to support me, but its also the best thing I’ve written yet. Book 3 will release in mid-March, by the way, so jump on this now and prepare yourself for the sequel. It’s a great story, and if you don’t believe that from me, check out some of the reviews people have been leaving for “The Mangrove Suite.” on Amazon.com.

I dare you not to like these books!

Anyway, thanks for reading. Always glad to post here.

Talk to you soon.


Tenlyres Now Available for Preorder


I am not going to beat around the bush.

“Tenlyres: The Complete Serial Novel” is now available for preorder on Amazon.com and Kobo.


*Available in more stores soon.

For those not yet familiar with the story, “Tenlyres” is an epic fantasy with advanced technology, ancient monuments, and plenty of action. Everything is shown from the point of view of the heroin. The pace is quick. Even if you don’t normally read epic fantasy you should give this book a try.

As you can probably tell, I am super excited about this release.

For those who have been following the serial, this volume contains everything that has been serialized so far, as well as the conclusive final part of the novel. All of these parts got another coat of polish and edits to make everything fit together tight. So even if you’re up to date on the serial go buy this version.

I’m very proud of the book. Support me and my writing career by checking it out at the links above.

The book releases officially on February 7th.

Time to ride east.

Thanks for reading.

An Experiment in Alternation

So, last week I tried some binge-writing. It worked for about two days, and I enjoyed those days. However, after that, I lost a lot of the necessary excitement to continue. At the risk of not giving the steady-binge a long enough try, I have a new idea this week.

This week’s experiment…


So, if I can binge for two days on a project before I start getting distracted, the new plan will be to work for no more than two days on a single book consecutively, unless of course the story really takes me for a ride.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my youth, and I definitely still suffer from those symptoms to a degree.

Perhaps this organized flipping between stories will allow me to succeed where I have been failing in the area of consistency.

For this experiment, I will be working on my main story 2-3 days of the week, and working on 3-4 other stories during the week. For novelty, I think these stories should gradually transition from one level of tone and conflict toward another.

So here are the stories I will be working on for the next three weeks for this experiment.
Monday: The Mangrove Suite – Near Future set on earth featuring alien blood that makes people psychic.
Tuesday, and Wednesday: Spurring the Beast – Book Two of the Maker Mythos, an Urban Fantasy series
Thursday and Friday: Tenlyres II: The Gray Lector – Part 2 of my ongoing guns and fantasy series, Tenlyres.
Saturday: Temple Theater – A fantasy with a lot of violence, corrupt deities, and mechanical steam-powered giants.
Sunday: A day off? I’m gonna leave this as a wild day each week, and day to cleanse my palate and then transition back toward the Mangrove Suite. If I work on this day possible books include ‘Devoured’ (A secondary world urban fantasy with a violent antihero for a protagonist), and ‘Haunted Symphony’ (A far-future space opera featuring reincarnated super soldiers, and mecha that are possessed by spirits from beyond), and Arsenal (A secondary world urban fantasy with apocalyptic stakes).

So, I have a big load of different stories, but all of them kick around my head fairly regularly.

Yes, you can see from my list of stories that I love the weird and the fantastic. Yes, I will never apologize for that.

I will also be releasing the next episode of Lore of the Worlds as a podcast later this week. So far, I’m quite pleased that I even released episode one, and there is nowhere to go but up from here.

According to my schedule, I have psychics powered by alien blood to write about. And I’m excited.

Thanks for reading.

Tenlyres I Release Day!

Today I am releasing the ebook for the first part of Tenlyres as a compiled book. If you don’t like a serial format but you want to read the story this is for you. If you want early access to the last two chapters of part one this is also for you.

“Tenlyres I: Ilsa and Blue” is the name it goes under now that it’s up at the online bookstores.

I am quite proud of the book. Quite proud of the speed I have been writing it, and at the quality of the story. I plan on releasing two more parts of this story as the year progresses. Thanks to everyone who has been reading this blog, and the serial. I really appreciate all of you.

Also, I plan to have the sequel to my first novel, Hunter and Seed out early this summer. That book is taking a little longer than I expected.

Thanks for reading.

Store links as they stand so far are below. I will add more as the book becomes available.
Apple, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, tolino

Amazon and Barnes and Noble should have it by sometime tomorrow, and the print version will be there soon after that.

EDIT: The book is now live at Amazon! Check it out!

Falsehoods and Uncertainty

I am not immune to the problem of jumping to conclusions. In fact, one might say I am especially vulnerable to it.

I’m trying to say that yesterday’s post wasn’t strictly true. I said to myself and everyone who could hear me: “I’m done with this book.”

But the words of Chuck Wendig kept hitting me. “You must finish what you start.”

And what’s more, I found myself saddened by the idea that I wouldn’t finish this book. Another lesson was masked behind what I thought I had been struggling to accept.

Between Wendig’s words and my own sadness, I have concluded that this book may be the best thing to work on right now. I’m still not certain. I think I’ll try some paring back and rebuilding and see what happens. Then, I’ll make a final decision.

As for today, I am happy not to finish 50,000 words this month in this project. It was both too new to me, and too familiar in concept for me to muster the excitement I needed for the NaNoWriMo goal.

Let the experiments continue, and thank all of you for reading.

The Once and Future Novel

As I look at the book I finally completed a first draft for last Halloween after a year of work, I remember much of the story fondly. Yes, it’s confusing because of the bizarre setting. Yes, I probably have too many characters. However, I love the central idea and the world is still close to my heart.

As I look to editing it, I know there will be a lot of work to do.

And I’m looking forward to it. Funny how, after a lot of pulling my few remaining hairs out in the rough draft process, I still like the book. I think I was desperate that I might lose the book after such a long time writing the book. It’s my longest novel.

Today’s my day off. But I’m still gonna work on it.

One Revelation at a Time

I had a really good appointment with a counselor on Tuesday. Figured out some things related to working harder, not least of which is the need, as Alan Moore also advises creatives, to continue take on greater and greater challenges.

Perhaps one novel doesn’t feel like enough of a challenge in my mind anymore. Some of these novels definitely don’t feel like that big of a challenge. Never mind the fact that I still have a lot to learn about the process, I’ve still written over eight novels as well as a couple novellas and short stories. That could be why I seem to think writing novels is easy now.

It isn’t. It just isn’t. Writing fiction is a bigger challenge than I, for one, give it credit for most of the time. I need to accept that truth, because it might actually help me write more. I’m not actually averse to doing difficult things, but I’ve always been averse to work that feels like work.

Big questions have been raised this week. And now its time to get some work in.

Have a good day everyone!