Monday Check In

It’s late (for me anyway) so I’m checking in on this blog instead of Youtube.

Happy Monday!

I was going to try using a two-minute timer for this episode.

Today I:
-Wrote 4000 words in a fantasy novella.
-Developed a splitting headache
-Got another review on my book “The Mangrove Suite.”
-Drank more coffee than usual. Can you tell?

That previous stuff all accounted for, I feel pretty good about the day. How about you?


Accountability and Editing

I have not been writing many new words over the last few weeks. The editing urge had me strong, and I am near-completion of the sequel to “Hunter and Seed,” now entitled “Soul Art”. The book should release sometime in June.

While I’m proud of “Soul Art,” and the editing process went well, I have felt pretty inadequate lately, as I’ve been failing to make writing a habit. Almost nothing new went to the page this month. I’m sorry to say it, and I will change things going forward.


I want to become barbaric, wild, and relentless when it comes to writing. Write. Always. Write whatever I want in that moment.

In the past, I definitely made some headway doing this sort of thing. I have been hampered by taking writing advice too seriously. I have to see my own way as a viable path once again. Because it is.

This post is not meant to attract sympathy. I have the best job in the world. Now to get to it.

Thanks for reading.

Progress in Action


Ever since the start of November, I have been writing pretty fast.

I’m back at work on Tenlyres and am almost done writing part two. After that, I’ll edit and begin to serialize the remaining chapters, as well as releasing the ebook on Amazon and the other platforms.

Oh, and I wrote a nice little short story in the Tenlyres world last night. For those of you who have read part one, this story stars the adventurer and thief, Ferdinand Thoss on one of his earlier treasure hunts. I really enjoyed writing it, and though the story is pretty short, I think it does what I wanted it to do. It lightened my mood as I go into a very dark set of events that is approaching at the end of part two.

Also, I think it’s worth mentioning, while I’m on the subject of Tenlyres, that part three (The conclusion of the story) will most likely not be serialized, if only because it will be even longer than part one and part two, a whole novel in its own right. That will come out when I can manage it, probably early next year if I can maintain the pace of this week for a few months.

My current pace is pretty amazing to me, but thanks to a little program called Cold Turkey Writer, which makes it impossible for me to do anything else with my computer until I hit a target wordcount, I have been making rapid progress on the story before me. How rapid? Four thousand words a day has long been my idea of an attainable, if difficult goal. And that’s what I seem to be able to hit in about 3 and 1/2 hours if I do it all in one sitting. I bet I could go faster than that, but so far I’ve been interrupted by something in the middle of all the long sessions.

The short story I polished off from start to finish (In rough draft) last night took a little longer, but it definitely gave me a sense of what I can do from simple prompts and a few notes. It ended up being around 3000 words, but I’m pretty proud I managed to write at night for a change, as I’ve not been doing that much for that past couple years.

What else is there to say? I guess one of the issues with writing the short story, one of the things that slowed me down, was that I was listening to podcasts for the first 2/3 of the process, and they wore me down around a third of the way to my wordcount. So, I took a break for about 30 minutes. Even so, I’m really happy with my experiment and its results.

And writing fast helps me enjoy my process a lot more. Don’t know why I have to shut out practically all distractions before I can make that work, but whatever. It works. And that encourages me to keep at it.

Here’s to moving forward.

Thanks for reading.

Energy and Activity

I posted over on my main site that Tenlyres Chapter 27 is being delayed until tomorrow. Why is this?

It’s the same reason I didn’t blog all week.

I’m short on energy following my trip to Pennsylvania to visit family over the past week and my return home yesterday morning.

My apologies. But I will have the chapter done and posted tomorrow. Also, I will likely be pushing the chapter next week back to Saturday or Sunday as well. Why? My twin brother is visiting next week.

It never rains but it pours.

I will be taking steps to increase my energy levels as I go forward. Hopefully, after next week there will be no further delays in posting Tenlyres or publishing any of the other books I’m working on.

Thanks for reading.

The Binge Begins

I am trying a word binge. It starts today, and will continue to next Tuesday or Wednesday, most likely.

What does a word binge entail? Over 10,000 words a day, friends and readers.

That’s a lot of words for each day.

Expect short posts up to that point. Also, the first episode of Lore of the Worlds is gonna release tomorrow.

I’ll be back. But for now, you can find my physical form at the coffee shop. My mind will be on the page, and in the story.

Thanks for reading.


This the seven-hundredth post published on this blog. That’s a lot of posts over the past four or five years.

I have no intention of shutting up. I don’t know what more there is to say today, however.

Oh, I am going to be releasing the first volume of Tenlyres as an ebook this Friday. I’ll post about it again, along with the new chapter for that story on that day.

Have a good one, folks.

Thanks for reading.

A Gentler Mind

I am a little behind my goals for the month. Well, a little behind on the rough drafting, and a good deal behind on the editing. To be honest, I’m not pushing myself. That, at least, is a win.

Those of you who haven’t picked this up from this blog (I’m not sure how clear I’ve been about it in the past) may well be wondering: Why do I say not pushing myself is a win? I don’t do well when I push myself, and I usually feel crappy when I do it, as well.

I’m not entirely sure why I feel this way, but it is definitely how I feel.

But the good news is that I’m being more gentle with myself lately. I haven’t felt the need to attack myself over my falling behind, or for my distractedness. Because I have gained this improved approach, I think I may be able to catch up on the things I’ve lost time on.

I’ve also been far more open to possibilities lately. That’s a gift I can see gains from all the time, and can foresee even more goodness emerging from in the future.

Thanks for reading.